McAnally Parents
Campus Improvement Plan 2017-2018
Please click here to access this year's school plan.
Parent Guide to MAP (Measure of Academic Progress)
Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Letter and Guide Parents. Please click the link below to review MAP information for your child's campus.
Aledo ISD Enrollment
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Are you new or returning to Aledo ISD?

Visit the Aledo ISD Enrollment webpage to get a jumpstart on enrolling your child.

It is also recommended that you go to the Aledo Parents Need to Know page to find out how you can get connected to your child's teacher, campus, and school district.
School Fusion information
Two Separate Systems
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We want to emphasize that there are now two possible logins parents may have because of the two separate systems in use. The usernames and passwords for each are unconnected. Below is a detailed comparison of the two. If you want to skip these and go directly to creating a new SchoolFusion account then Click Here.

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Parent Portal via txConnect
We have been using txConnect as our Parent Portal for over two years now. Nothing is changing with this system. Your login will remain the same. Click here to go to the Parent Portal Login page or to create a new account.

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SchoolFusion Web Pages
The new web pages have enabled all staff to create and control their own web page. Students can login and quickly get to their classroom pages. Parents can also create a login that allows them to easily get to their children's classroom web pages.
Step by step instructions are available below.
Click Here to Create a new SchoolFusion account

Mainly a view of the Past:



A view of Present & Future:

Calendars for the District, Campus, Classroom, & more

Messaging tool to connect parents and staff

Configurable Notifications

Welcome to McAnally!
We are excited to have your child at our campus this year.
Sixth grade is an exciting time filled with many changes for your student.
We look forward to watching them grow academically and physically.

Understanding that one of your greatest concerns is your students grades,
Click here to access parent portal.

Occasionally there are update delays and we apologize for any inconvenience. Information retrieved via the system should be regarded as unofficial and nonbinding apart from the verification of the teacher.

When setting up your user name and password for the first time click at the "New User" area located below the login. Once you are logged on note the various tabs located at the top of the screen such as Grades, Attendance, Alerts, etc.

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